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Broken Spring Replacement

Singh Garage Doors Of Ashburn provides best garage door spring replacement services in Ashburn VA, Leesburg VA, Bristow VA, Burke VA, Lovettsville VA, Broadlands VA, Landsdowne VA, Belmont VA, Reston VA, Herndon VA and other cities alike. Our Ashburn garage door company can replace or adjust your garage door spring so your garage door can remain balance and efficient. 

Garage door springs are very important to the functioning of garage doors, we have expert garage door technicians that can come by to evaluate the performance of your garage door springs and if it needs to be replaced, we do carry those springs in stock with us and can get them replaced. We can replace both torsion and extension springs on any garage door and if the garage door springs are custom sizes, we can have one of our garage door spring manufacturer's make them. 

A typical garage door spring replacement takes within an hour or so. During the process of replacing a broken spring, we generally will check the cables on the door, all the hardware and we make sure the spring we use can carry the weight of your garage door. Most garage doors weigh between 80lbs to 500lbs. The heavier the door, the more durable the spring will need to be. 

Our typical garage door spring life cycle with 10,000 and would take about 5-7 years before they break depending on the number of times the garage door gets used. They two kinds of springs we install on any garage door are either the galvanized springs or oil tempered springs. Both are really of great quality, the only difference is that the galvanized springs are rust resistant whereas the oil tempered springs are not. We've installed thousands of garage door springs here in Ashburn area and will continue to do so because our prices are fair and customers like and appreciate our services.