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Thank you for your help

I would like to thank you for the help and excellent service. I will encourage my neighbors and friends to contact you if they need garage door help. 

It was a Sunday evening, i just got back from visiting a few friends and parked my car in the garage. As i was about closing the garage, i heard a loud bang and the door dropped to the floor and was shut. Thankfully, nothing was in it's way because it would have crushed it. I immediately knew something had gone wrong but i didn't know what. I tried opening the garage door with my remote but it won't open. I tried manually lifting the door but it won't budge. At this time, i started to panic because i had to be early to work the next day. The first company i came across was Singh garage doors of Ashburn. They were very curteous even though it was quite late and it was a Sunday. They asked me a few questions and they immediately deciphered that it was a broken spring. Long story short, they were able to get someone out to my home before 8am and replaced the broken spring. Problem solved, i made it in to work on time thanks to Singh garage doors of Ashburn

- Michael Rheandt (Ashburn, VA)

Great customer service

Good day. Yesterday I called to get help with my garage door opener that was beeping, thanks for assisting me.

I called Singh garage doors here in Ashburn VA because my garage door kept beeping and it was becoming obnoxious. First i didn't want to place a service call to have anybody come out for something simple. They started talking with me on the phone asking me questions and helping me to figure out the problem with my garage door opener. They ended up fixing the problem for me over the phone and they didn't even ask me for anything. Will definitely use them if i have garage door issues in the future.

- Paul Sellings (Belmont, VA)

Fast Service

I had an appointment this morning when my garage door won't close, it will keep opening by itself after i close it. I got frustrated and started calling around to see who can get to my home the fastest. Singh garage doors of Ashburn showed up within the same hour and took care of the problem at minimal cost to me. Definitely will recommend them for fast service.

- Melissa Brown (Sterling, VA)